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The Goddess BodyPrayer

Dance is your prayer

Let it be your freedom

and help you remember

who you are

author unknown

Dance has always been my form of expression, a language that speaks from the depths of my soul.

I started taking lessons at my aunt’s dance academy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, when I was four years old. Later, I was introduced to Belly Dance, and fell deeply in love with this ancient artform.

Since the first dance class, a force awakened in my womb and moved through my body, filling me with ecstasy and igniting my creativity. Along the years, I witnessed dancers and students heal from diseases and conditions such as polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, low self-esteem, and depression.

Researching the origins of this dance, I learned that it had been performed in Ancient Egypt and throughout the Middle East in women’s rites of passage such as menarche and childbirth. I believe this dance holds deep knowledge of the female body. Its basic steps mimic the natural movements of sex and childbirth, as well as train women for these life-giving activities.

As my dance technique and artistic expression evolved through years of dancing, teaching, and performing, I started to experience a meditative state filled with beautiful images, sensations, and feelings that became my spiritual practice, my path of devotion, and my legacy – The Goddess BodyPrayer.

Belly Dance was the portal that opened my body to become a vessel of feminine essence. The Goddess BodyPrayer is the process of learning to hold, contain, and embody this sacred energy -- a mirror to our true nature, a spontaneous, ecstatic, and healing dance.

To enter the realm of the Goddess, it is necessary to hold an impeccable focus and surrender to all sensations, emotions, and feelings. As we embrace what is present within, we gain profound insights, our consciousness expands, and sexuality and spirituality merge as one.

With practice, we learn to behold the Goddess in every woman, to acknowledge her unique beauty, as we become a sacred witness to her dance and perceive it as a transmission of power, wisdom, and grace of the Goddess Herself.

Aparecida Sauer

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