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I remember

    When I started taking belly dance lessons, I also started to have visions during meditation and in dreams of a woman dancing with her back turned to me, the way dance teachers do. But since there were no mirrors, I could never see her face. This went on for years.
    As the visions progressed, they became more and more clear, and I was able to see certain details. Her hairstyle and clothing were Egyptian, and the environment felt sacred, like a temple.                 
    One day, the visions came to a peak.  The woman was dressed like a high priestess in all her glory, ready to perform a sacred ceremony to the goddess Isis. Other women, also wearing beautiful garments, were in the room. I was one of them.        
     The atmosphere was charged with love and reverence. The wall in front of us was covered in hieroglyphics, and as we danced, our movements, gestures, and mudras had a magical effect on them, bringing the writings and symbols to life. As they moved around the room in beautiful shapes of light, color and sound, they created the most exquisite music, which contained advanced spiritual teachings within its fabric. 
    We danced to the music of the spheres and were transported to a state of bliss, ecstasy, and deep understanding of spiritual truths. 
    When the ceremony was over, the wall turned back to stone, the music faded, and our bodies became still. The high priestess finally turned to me, and I saw that she had my face. We embraced. We became one. And I remembered. 
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