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Priestess of Isis Training

Aparecida Sauer

“I’m aware that I’m a spiritual being having a human experience.”

Aparecida Sauer is a high priestess at the Asas de Isis Mystery School, through which she has been training priestesses, therapists, and mentors of the Divine Feminine.

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Priestess of Isis Training

A profound experience of the Divine Feminine, with transformative practices and spiritual teachings entirely aimed at the evolution of women.

Divine Feminine

“We need to restore the spirit of women,
for it is the feminine soul that will heal the world.” 
Max Dashu

The Divine Feminine is a worldwide movement of women who seek to restore the true feminine essence, lost due to the patriarchal system, which overvalued the masculine characteristics, such as reason and intellect, and undervalued the feminine qualities such as intuition and emotion.

Priestesses of Isis Training | Wings of Isis
Priestesses of Isis Training | Wings of Isis


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