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Sacred Feminine

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Divine Feminine

When we talk about Sacred Feminine, we must first recognize that we live in a patriarchal society, which means that we are governed by a masculine vision of life, with its values, concepts and rules. 


We learn that the rational is superior to the emotional, logic to intuition, the concrete to the subjective, when in fact these aspects should work together in balance and harmony. 


The Sacred Feminine is a movement that seeks to recover the true feminine essence, as women had to become more masculine to survive in a patriarchal society, that is, they had to take on masculine values and repress feminine ones. 


On a personal level, the Sacred Feminine frees us from concepts of beauty that objectify us, bringing  self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence. The Sacred Feminine is the return to our wild nature, to full, conscious and healthy sexuality, and to a spirituality free of dogmas and in direct connection with the Divine through our own intuition. 


At a collective level, the Sacred Feminine inspires us to care for nature and the animals, to respect indigenous peoples and all people, regardless of color, gender, age, social class or nationality.


The return of the Feminine to the Sacred goes far beyond women. By freeing herself, a woman will naturally transmit the essence of feminine wisdom to her partner, children and society in general, so that together we can create the foundations of a more loving, peaceful and fair world.


Aparecida Sauer

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