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The Goddess of Ten Thousand Names

“One sole divinity, the whole Earth venerates me under numerous forms, with different rites, and multiple names.”

The Metamorphosis, Apuleius

‘The mother of all gods' and Egypt’s most beloved goddess, Isis was worshipped all over the ancient world. A multifaceted goddess of many names, she is the Divine Mother who manifests through multiple forms in different cultures, throughout the ages.

Crowned by the throne, symbol of divine consciousness grounded on Earth, Isis is the Great Universal Mother. The throne also represents the matrilineal system of predynastic Egypt, when the gods walked upon the Earth and humanity lived according to the laws of Maat, goddess of cosmic order, truth, peace, and justice.

Isis is the lady of the Earth, sovereign of plants, rivers, seas and mountains, animals, and nature. As a celestial goddess, she is the constellation of Sirius and the cosmos itself. Lady of Magic, she performed miracles, such as the resurrection of her beloved Osiris and the spiritual conception of Horus. As a fierce warrior, Isisi protected her son Horus from Seth's attacks and ensured the victory of good over evil.

The myth of Isis and Osiris describes an era of peace and prosperity and the subsequent violent takeover of patriarchy and its consequences, such as the fragmentation of human consciousness, war, racism, misogyny, homophobia, and the exploitation of nature.

And yet, the myth also offers a map for the return to Oneness. It teaches us how to bring the fragments of our lives back together in a unified whole, without hesitating in the face of the great challenge before us.

The Goddess tells us that nothing is impossible, and the way to get there is to take one step at a time, to trust and to surrender to the greatest power there is -- Love.

It is crucial for humanity’s evolution to understand the true dimension of the Divine Mother, for She is the One who will bring liberation from suffering, balance and justice to the world.

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